MKLUG Mailing List FAQ

This is the FAQ for the MKLUG mailing list - it is under constant revision - if people send us questions we will add them as needed.

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MKLUG maintains three email discussion lists.


For discussion of Linux or MKLUG related issues

MK Off-topic

Due to the growing amount of friendly, off-topic discussion that was occurring on the main list, we now have a seperate list especially for 'off-topic' conversation.

MK Web

For issues regarding the MKLUG web-site itself consider subscribing to our web site discussion list.

Q. How do I join one of the MKLUG mailing lists?

A. Follow the appropriate link above.

Q. How do I leave one of the MK mailing lists?

A. Follow the subscription links above. One of the options on the subscription page is to unsubscribe, alternatively use the following links to unsubscribe by email: Unsubscribe from the MK list, Unsubscribe from the MK-OT list, Unsubscribe from the MK-Web list.

Q. What is the 'off-topic' list for?

A. That list is for friendly discussions about subjects other than Linux which people in the group might wish to have... think of it as an extension of the group's social meetings, and the main list as an extension of the 'hands-on' meetings.

Q. What is the address for?

A. That address is a forwarding address which will go to whoever is currently administering the group.

Q. Who founded MKLUG and who runs it?

A. MKLUG was founded Denny De La Haye in July 1999, who ran it until September 2004, when it was passed over to Gavin Westwood who currently runs and manages it.

Q. Who maintains this web site?

A. The list owner and a small band of MKLUG volunteers. Join the MK Web list to see what they are doing and suggest any changes or corrections.

Q. What sort of thing is discussed on the main list?

A. Most of the mail to the list comes under the broad heading of technical support questions and answers. There are few problems that the assembled wisdom of the list can't help with! The next most common sort of mail is people in the group letting the rest know when something of interest happens - for instance, there was a lot of discussion of which shops were selling Linux Answers magazine when it first came out. Most of the rest of the mail sent to the list is group-related - for instance, agreeing dates for the next meetings, that sort of thing...

Q. What sort of thing should not be sent to the lists?

A. Any images or other large attachments (the list software rejects them and the list admin has to download the extensive error messages). Any jokes (most people have seen them before anyway, and I've not heard one yet that was Linux related (as opposed to anti-MS)). For Sale / Wanted ads are also a no-no. Finally, generally speaking, mail sent to the main list should be Linux related - if it isn't, think hard about whether the list is the appropriate place for it.

Q. Why all the rules?

A. Some people read a lot of email every day - they only want to receive appropriate mail on each list, or they can be swamped - for more information on 'netiquette' (proper behaviour online) as it applies to mailing lists, please read this website.

You can also send jokes, adverts, and pretty much anything else you want to the 'off-topic' list - that's what it's there for!

To find out more about MKLUG, please email